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Finding Out TextbooksOpen Doors English offers lessons for young learners over the age of 5. Our classes are limited to no more than 4 students which allow the instructor to focus more of his time on each child.

Classes for young learners are divided into 3 categories; Elementary classes are for children between the ages of 5~6; Junior classes for children between the ages of 7~9 and Senior classes for children between the ages of 10~12.

All classes are 45 minutes long and are held at a fixed time and day each week.

Classes are taught using the Finding Out series of textbooks which were written specifically for young learners in Japan. There’s an equal emphasis on speaking, reading, writing, listening and phonics. Homework will be given and whilst it isn’t mandatory, parents are encouraged to see that their child completes it.



Kids TextbooksFor young learners whose English ability is above that of regular young learners, we can offer an alternative selection of textbooks that bridges the gap between young learners and adult classes. After an English Ability Test and discussion with the parents, a text is recommended that will benefit the child most. All classes are taught privately.




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