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Speak Out textbooksOur adult conversation classes are 50 minutes in duration and have a maximum of 3 students per class. If there is a larger group of friends, acquaintances or colleagues who wish to take a lesson together, arrangements can be made to accommodate this.

Speakout is the core textbook used in our adult group lessons. There are 6 books in the series covering the ranges Beginner to Advanced. Each book has 12 chapters comprising of 4 units. Each week, students study one of the 4 units concentrating in part on every facet of English; speaking, listening, reading and writing. There is a workbook for the study conscious, but it’s not mandatory.

Speakout is augmented by Language to go in instances where students study more than 4 lessons in a month or simply wish to have a change of pace.

Language to Go textbooksStudents who choose to take private lessons also have the option of requesting a course book of their own choice. For students wanting to join us from one of the larger English conversation schools, they may if they wish ask to continue using the textbooks they’ve already purchased.

Alternatively, they may ask to do something unrelated to textbook study. If the student has a presentation to be checked, a speech to be rehearsed an application form to be filled out or simply wishing to chat, all of these and more can be done by the student in a private lesson.

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